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4mm Compression Fittings Now Available

Do you have extreme pressures and/or temperatures in your demanding applications?  Is metal or stiff plastic tubing being used?  For reliable air tight connections designers benefit from Beswick’s compression fittings. 

We have recently released our first compression fitting for use with 4mm O.D. tubing.  Assemblies are leak free due to the internal ferrules and an O-ring face seal design.  The fitting includes a 1/4-28 threaded connection.  You can find our MCB-4MM-1428 here on our online catalog:

MCB-4MM-1428 Online Catalog Page

Initially the MCB-4MM-1428 will be available in brass.  If you require other materials or configurations, please do not hestitate to contact a Beswick Applications Engineer: or click here to .  We are flexible when it comes to designing custom components to fit your specific application.