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Beswick's PCFCD Wins 2008 Golden Mousetrap Award

Beswick Engineering’s "PCFCD" Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve was selected as the Best Product Winner, in the Motion Control category, of Design News magazine’s 2008 Golden Mousetrap Awards. This accolade was just announced to the public in the September 22nd, 2008 issue of Design News.

The PCFCD-1N1 is designed to maintain a constant flow rate, which the customer can adjust, regardless of upstream or downstream pressure variations. It works with both liquids (incompressible fluids) and gasses (compressible fluids) but is primarily intended for the control of liquids. The pressure regulation is accomplished with a low friction diaphragm mechanism. Beswick has applied for patent protection on this unique valve.

The PCFCD-1N1 sets an industry standard for miniaturization. It is lightweight….tipping the scales at only 48 grams. Customers will find it particularly useful when space, weight, and precise liquid flow control are critical.

The PCFCD-1N1 controls flow rates of 0 to 4.2 gallons per hour of Water (0 to 20 cubic feet/hour of Air). It is especially suited for the control of low flow rates. The maximum rated inlet supply pressure is 500 psig. Both the inlet and outlet ports are tapped 10-32. The valve body is both small and lightweight allowing for convenient in-line mounting without the need for a panel mount thread. The PCFCD-1N1 is currently available in brass. Buna-N is the standard seal material. Fluorocarbon (Vitonâ) is optional.

Beswick Engineering specializes in high-performance miniature fluid power components featuring captured O-ring face seals for leak-tight sealing, a variety of materials for corrosion resistance, and ultra-miniature designs for space savings. Applications include hydrogen fuel cells, medical equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink jet print engines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, homeland defense detectors, and many others.

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