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Miniature Adapter Fittings - Metric to Imperial Threads

Markets for most "high tech" products have become global. To better serve this global marketplace, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are attempting to specify metric fluid power components in their new product designs. OEMs typically try to switch completely to metric threaded components however often this goal is more difficult than it initially appears as many critical components continue to be offered only with imperial threads. For this reason, adapter fittings become critical to OEM design engineers responsible for specifying fluid power products.

You can find the full Beswick line of fittings by Clicking Here.

Beswick introduces a series of new miniature adapter fittings for connecting metric to imperial threads. These new adapter fittings include the following:

  • M3 External to M5 External Nipple Fitting - (MN-M3M5-303)
  • M3 External Universal Nipple Fitting - (M3UN-303)
  • M3 External to M3 Internal Extension Fitting - (M3EB-303)
  • 10-32 External to M5 Internal Fitting - (MEB-10M5-1)
  • 10-32 or M5 Internal to M3 External Fitting - (MFA-M3)
  • 10-32 Internal to M6 External - (MFA-M610)
  • 10-32 Internal to M5 Internal - (MF-M5M5)
  • M5 External to 10-32 Internal Elbow - Adjustable Position - (M5LS-10)
  • M6 External to 10-32 Internal Elbow - Adjustable Position - (M6LS-10)

The new adapter fittings are relatively simple components but are critical to OEM design engineers for adapting Imperial/English threaded components to metric threaded components.