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New 2006-2007 Catalog of Miniature Valves, Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Orifice,

Beswick Engineering announces the release of a new 2006-2007 catalog with over 200 new products. These new products are highlighted for easy identification. Catalog #705 describes Beswick's expanding line of miniature valves, fittings, cylinders, tubing, pressure regulators, orifice, quick disconnects, and other fluid power devices. Particularly noteworthy is the addition of compression fittings for 1/4" OD tubing, ultra-miniature

M3 threaded check valves, new corrosion resistant stainless steel fittings, and a patent pending series of miniature diaphragm pressure and vacuum regulators. These innovative products save space and weight, provide corrosion resistance, and provide superior performance for demanding applications.

A free catalog will be mailed to those inquiring for OEM applications.

Beswick Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance miniature fluid power components, including: fittings, valves, quick disconnects, pressure regulators/gauges, cylinders, filters, orifices, shock absorbers, pressure electric switches, tubing, etc. Applications include: hydrogen fuel cells, medical and dental equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink jet print engines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, toxic gas detectors, aerospace equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots and many more. Beswick speaks your language and can custom design products to meet your specific requirements.