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PRD2-1N1 Ultra Miniature Two Stage Pressure Regulator

Beswick Engineering announces the release of a new ultra-miniature two-stage pressure regulator designed to control outlet pressures down to 1/2 psig. The new "PRD2-1N1" regulator sets an industry standard for miniaturization as well as lightweight. It is an excellent choice for gas and pneumatic pressure regulation applications, and is perfect for varying inlet pressures. Customers will find it particularly useful when space, weight and precise regulation are critical. Maximum width is 1 1/32" and maximum height is 1" (body height is only 21/32"). The PRD2-1N1 weighs about 50 grams in brass and stainless steel; and only 23 grams in aluminum. The PRD2-1N1 controls output pressures from 0 to 20 psig and is especially suited to low pressure regulation such as 1/2 psig. The maximum rated inlet supply pressure is 500 psig. The first stage of the PRD2-1N1 is factory set while the second stage regulates to the desired output. This makes the PRD2-1N1 perfect for applications with varying input pressures, such as with a gas storage tank where the pressure decreases as the gas is consumed. Both the inlet and outlet ports are tapped M3. Although its lightweight package allows convenient in-line mounting without the need for a panel mount, we also offer a panel mounted design if rigid mounting is required. The PRD2-1N1 regulator is available in aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Optional O-ring seals and diaphragm materials are available, such as Buna-N, Fluorocarbon (Viton®) and EPDM.

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Beswick Engineering specializes in high-performance miniature fluid power components featuring captured O-ring face seals for leak-tight sealing, a variety of materials for corrosion resistance, and ultra-miniature designs for space savings. Applications include hydrogen fuel cells, medical equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink jet print engines, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, homeland defense detectors, etc.