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Ultra-miniature M3 Threaded Quick Disconnects Now in Stock!

Introducing the world's smallest M3 Threaded Quick Disconnects!

Beswick Engineering announces the release of a new ultra-miniature M3 threaded quick disconnect assembly. The assembly is comprised of a brass internal end and a stainless steel external end. The entire assembly weighs only 3.4 grams. The internal end is designed with an automatic shut-off valve and a M3 internal thread. It is only about 16.7 mm long and has a 6mm hexagonal body. The external end is designed with a M3 external thread and includes a captured O-ring seal for leak-tight connection. It is only about 11mm long and has a 5mm hexagonal body.

Beswick's new M3 threaded quick disconnects set an industry standard for miniaturization and high performance. They are designed and manufactured for applications where space, leak-tightness, durability, and light weight are required. Applications include: medical and dental equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots and many more.

In addition to the new M3 threaded ultra-miniature quick disconnect Beswick offers several other types of miniature quick disconnects. These include: snap type, screw type, single line, single shut-off, double shut-off, threaded and barbed connections, and multi-line configurations. The multi-line versions provide exceptionally quick connections while also insuring proper orientation.

Find more information on this product here:

Miniature M3 Threaded Quick Disconnect External Connector

Miniature M3 Threaded Quick Disconnect Internal Connector

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