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Exceptional Value

Beswick provides Exceptional Value. Value = Benefits/Cost (price). A significant number of our customers have been with us for more than 30 years. Why? Because we understand that we can prosper when we contribute to the growth, innovation, and prosperity of our customers. It is a symbiotic relationship. You may wonder what can go wrong if you select the lowest cost component. Two actual horror stories of what happened when a customer decided to focus on purchased cost rather than value are recounted below along with The Common Law of Business Balance.

Blood Leaking Onto A Light Background Is Hard To Miss
Well intentioned employees at a medical device manufacturer switched from a high-performance Beswick elbow fitting to what they thought was an essentially equivalent fitting. This “equivalent” fitting reduced the purchased cost by a relatively, all expenses included, small amount. The device manufacturer validated the cheaper fitting and was confident it would work. Unfortunately, they had not anticipated that an unexpected heat load on the cheaper fitting could, over time, result in leakage. You can imagine the shock on everyone’s faces, during an important customer product demonstration, as blood began dripping from the cheaper “equivalent” fitting onto a light colored floor. The anticipated savings from the lower cost “equivalent” fitting quickly evaporated (dripped in this case) and resulted in the loss of a major contract worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The device manufacturer’s executives were understandably outraged. They ordered an immediate change back to the proven Beswick product. Fortunately no patients were harmed in this actual incident but it is likely Christmas bonuses at the device manufacturer were smaller that year. A lesson learned.

Rapid Engineering And Production Response Saves The Day
A medical device manufacturer incorporated a generic (that is inexpensive) molded plastic tube fitting into their new surgical device. The plastic tube fitting failed, despite the customer’s validation tests, during a surgical procedure. As you would expect, this adverse event resulted in regulatory action preventing sale of the device until a reliable solution was found and approved. A panicked engineer from the device manufacturer contacted Beswick searching for an ultra-miniature fitting to fit into a very small space. He couldn’t find anything available that would work but he had a hunch, from reading about a recent Beswick innovation, Beswick’s engineers could come up with a solution to his problem.

To summarize, the Beswick team indentified with the customer’s sense of urgency and quickly designed a new product. (The full application story can be found by clicking here.) The Beswick solution worked and was approved. The new surgical device was so important to the customer’s bottom line that they sent a delivery van from their factory, located hundreds of miles away from our factory, every few days to expedite delivery of the Beswick solution. Lesson learned: Beswick innovation, know-how, and design experience are invaluable.

These two accounts reinforce The Common Law of Business Balance which some sources attribute to John Ruskin.

The Common Law of Business Balance

It’s unwise to pay too much,
But it’s worse to pay too little.

When you pay too much,
you lose a little money – that’s all.

When you pay too little,
You sometimes lose everything,
Because the thing you bought,
Was incapable of doing,
The thing that is was bought to do.

The common law of business balance
Prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.
It can’t be done.

If you deal with the lowest bidder,
It is well to add something
For the risk that you run.
And if you do that,
You will have enough
To pay for something better.

There is hardly anything in the world
That someone can’t make a little worse,
And sell a little cheaper-
And people who consider price alone
Are this man’s lawful prey.

Beswick has over 50 years of fluid power design excellence, innovation, manufacturing know-how, and an extraordinary product support team. When you purchase a Beswick product you get the best product for the job. But wait, there is more. You also get the added value and support of our fluid power Application Engineering and Design Engineering teams. Think of them as an adjunct to your engineering team. They are committed to your success and will work vigorously to keep your company competitive because when you grow, we grow.