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New M3 Thread to Barb Sintered Filter

Beswick Engineering has introduced a new M3 thread to barb sintered filter measuring at 20 microns. The FM3H series of ultra miniature filter fittings include M3x0.5 threads and an integrated sintered 316 stainless steel filter as well as 303 stainless steel body.

New 1/4-28 UNF Threaded Ball Valve

The MBV-1414-3 ball valve is an excellent choice for applications requiring a compact, high quality, on/off valve. Manufactured in 303 stainless steel and machined with a ¼-28 UNF threaded inlet and outlet ports this valve is ideal for high technology devices.

New M3 Threaded Filter Fittings

C3F Miniature Filter Fitting

Beswick Engineering has introduced its smallest filter fitting yet.  The C3F series of ultra miniature filter fittings include M3x0.5 threads and an integrated sintered filter element as well as 303 or 316 stainless steel construction.  The C3F also features Beswicks signature captured O-ring seal available off the shelf in Buna-N, EPDM, Viton or Silicone making it a great fit for a wide variety miniature fluid power applications requiring filtration.

New Gas Cylinder Pierce Fitting

The new and improved piercing fitting design, GCP adaptor fitting, prevents possible o-ring seal blow outs.  This design is ideal for use with Beswick multi-stage regulator such as our PRD3 or

New High Resolution Diaphragm Cap

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. announces the release of a 1 7/8 (1.875) inch high-resolution diaphragm cap for the most demanding low pressure applications. This, larger diameter, diaphragm cap assembly greatly increases the sensing area and therefore the responsiveness (Force = Pressure x Area) of the regulators.

New Vacuum Relief Valve Released

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. announces the release of an ultra-miniature 26.2 mm diameter diaphragm vacuum relief valve. The new VRV design features a low-friction sensor and a proprietary valve arrangement to aid in releasing pressures below atmospheric pressure.   The VRV controls vacuum form a range of 0 psig (29.5 in-Hg) down to -12.7 psig (4 in-HG).  Manufactured in corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel, the valve weighs approximately 25 g.

4mm Compression Fittings Now Available

Do you have extreme pressures and/or temperatures in your demanding applications?  Is metal or stiff plastic tubing being used?  For reliable air tight connections designers benefit from Beswick’s compression fittings. 

Gas Cylinder Pierce Fittings Now Available

Beswick Engineering  has recently released a new line of gas cylinder pierce fittings.  The new GCP adaptor fittings allow for easy connection of most small gas cartridges with a 3/8-24 or 1/2-20 thread directly to Beswick pressure regulators or any other 1/4-28 or 10-32 threaded component you require.

New Adjustable Check Valve Released

CKVA Adjustable Check Valve

Reduce assembly time and save valuable space with Beswick’s miniature adjustable CKVA series check valve.  No longer do you need multiple valves or extra assembly time to disassemble connections.  The miniature adjustable check valve has an external adjustment which allows its forward cracking pressure to be varied from 0.5 psig to 40 psig (0.034 to 2.7 bar).  This added adjustability also comes contained in an extremely small envelope with many material options.  All internal components are fabricated from 303/316 stainless steels to insure excellent corrosion resistance and long life.

RoHS and REACH Documents Available

Beswick Engineering now has RoHS and REACH documents available for download.

Download Beswick Engineering Compliance documents here

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us and an Applications Engineer will be happy to promptly assist you.