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Beswick Engineering's Award Winning Miniature Ball Valve

Beswick Engineering's MBVT diverting ball valve has recently been selected for the 2011 Golden Mousetrap awards sponsored by Design News.

To learn more about our ball valves, please browse over to the following product listings:


Miniature Three-stage Diaphragm High Pressure Regulator

Beswick Engineering’s miniature three-stage diaphragm high pressure regulator “PRD3HP” has been selected as a 2009 Design News Golden Mousetrap - Best Product Finalist!

You can find the PRD3HP on our website by Clicking Here.

Miniature Manifold Mount Pressure Regulators

Beswick Engineering offers manifold mount versions of our award winning miniature pressure regulators. These models include the PRDB8 high accuracy, single stage pressure regulator, PRDB28 two-stage pressure regulator, and the PRDHF8 high flow regulator.

Ultra-miniature Single-stage Diaphragm Pressure Regulators

Beswick Engineering announces the release of an ultra-miniature single-stage diaphragm pressure regulator designed to provide greater flow than the Beswick PRD series regulators.

New 2009-2010 Catalog of Miniature Valves, Fittings, Quick Disconnects, Orifices, Pressure Regulators, and more

Beswick Engineering announces the release of a new 2009-2010 catalog with over 200 new products. These new products are highlighted for easy identification. Catalog #1008 describes Beswick's expanding line of miniature valves, fittings, cylinders, tubing, pressure regulators, orifices, quick disconnects, and other fluid power devices.

Beswick's PCFCD Wins 2008 Golden Mousetrap Award

Beswick Engineering’s "PCFCD" Pressure Compensated Flow Control Valve was selected as the Best Product Winner, in the Motion Control category, of Design News magazine’s 2008 Golden Mousetrap Awards. This accolade was just announced to the public in the September 22nd, 2008 issue of Design News.

Dry Break Quick Disconnects

Beswick Engineering announces the release of a new dry break quick disconnect. The dry break quick disconnect connects without any fluid spray or leakage and disconnects with minimal dead volume. The assembly is constructed of stainless steel throughout and weighs only 15 grams. Both internal and external ends are available with 10-32 internal or external threads and include captured o-ring seals for leak-tight connections. Panel mount versions are also available.

Custom Beswick Valve Utilized in Physics Study

A custom Beswick Engineering pressure compensated flow control valve was recently used by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in an experimental procedure that studied under water bubble fragmentation.

For more information on this endeavor, the journal article can be found at the following link:

The acoustic signature of bubbles fragmenting in sheared flow

Miniature Adapter Fittings - Metric to Imperial Threads

Markets for most "high tech" products have become global. To better serve this global marketplace, many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are attempting to specify metric fluid power components in their new product designs. OEMs typically try to switch completely to metric threaded components however often this goal is more difficult than it initially appears as many critical components continue to be offered only with imperial threads. For this reason, adapter fittings become critical to OEM design engineers responsible for specifying fluid power products.

Miniature Two-stage Diaphragm Pressure Regulator 10-32 Threaded PRD3

Beswick Engineering designs and manufactures high-performance miniature fluid power devices.

Beswick introduces a new two-stage non-relieving diaphragm regulator PRD3-ANB-C-DEF. The new PRD3 pressure regulator is the third generation of our award winning PRD series of regulators. It improves upon the Beswick original two stage diaphragm regulator PRD2 by incorporating larger 10-32 ports for higher flow and easier integration into systems. The new pressure regulator also includes an improved valve design.