COVID-19 Readiness & Status

Update 9-9-2020: Beswick Engineering headquarters is currently open and operating at standard capacity with normal lead times for our products. We will continue to update this page as necessary.

Update 6-2-2020: The Beswick Engineering Singapore office is once again open.

The COVID-19 corona virus pandemic is effecting life and business throughout the world. Our first priority is the well being of our employees, their families, our customers, and our vendors/suppliers.

For customer specific questions such as individual PO inquiries, lead times or to request the holding of shipments, please contact

If you require your order to be prioritized due to it being part of a life saving application please contact us and we can explore available options.

The following precautionary measures have been taken:

  1. Company travel to customers, suppliers, trade shows, and professional development meetings has been halted.
  2. Visitor access to Beswick has been restricted to those essential to our operations and to cleaning personnel. Customer visits to Beswick are on hold.
  3. Employee access is restricted to an entrance with immediate access to hand washing stations.
  4. Hand sanitation stations have been provided throughout our facilities.
  5. In person meetings and other employee gatherings are only scheduled when required with social distancing measures being enforced.
  6. Employees at high risk are encouraged to stay home. Employees that are not feeling well are encouraged to stay home and seek medical attention when necessary.
  7. We have been proactive in maintaining communication with our suppliers to minimize any production disruptions.

Beswick Engineering will follow government guidelines as they are updated.

Beswick is actively working with our customers throughout the world. Many of them provide innovative medical equipment. We are committed to contributing to the success of our customers. We look forward to playing our small part in bringing life saving products to market and we remain optimistic, in the long term, in the ingenuity of our employees, customers, and partners thorough out the world.

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