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Custom Products

Beswick engineering is constantly working to design new products that satisfy specific customer requirements. In addition to the new products we develop, customers often ask us to modify standard catalog items to meet their specific application. Here are some of our latest custom designed items. Please note you will not find these products in our catalog.

Interested in a custom product?  Send an email to or contact us and a Beswick Applications Engineer will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your needs.

Two Stage Pressure Regulators With Custom Coating

The pressure regulators for this particular application required a specialized corrosion resistant coating on all wetted surfaces.  For applications that require resistance to aggressive chemicals, custom coatings can be a superior alternative to high cost alloys. 

Flat Face QDC

This custom quick disconnect was designed for demanding applications. Each half of the quick disconnect shuts off when disconnected. Both halves use a dry break design that ensures flow is shut off prior to the flow path being exposed to atmosphere during the connect/disconnect process. Additionally the design incorporates a flat face shut off that allows for easy wipe down of the disconnected ends.

High Pressure MNV

This custom needle valve incorporates a motor drive for automated adjustment. Additionally the needle valve is designed to handle pressures up to 3,000 psig. All components are manufactured from stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance and strength.

Coil Spring PRD

Our standard PRD has a space saving design that allows for inlet pressures up to 500 psig and outlet pressures up to 30 psig. The custom coil spring PRD modification has a larger envelope than the standard PRD, but it allows for more stable outlet pressure adjustment up to 100 psig. The coil springs used on our PR series are able to be incorporated into our PRD product lines using this custom cap.

Stem Actuated On/Off Valve

This custom on/off valve was designed for use with high pressure CO2. With a pressure rating up to 1,000 psig CO2, the design needed to prevent any internal leakage from a high pressure CO2 source. The design incorporates all stainless steel construction along with valve technology developed for our PRDB series of regulator.

Blind Mate QDC

Our custom blind mate QDC design had to combine many modifications while remaining compact. This custom fitting pair allows for float mounting so that they can be connected while attached to other devices with no interference. Also each unit had a wide temperature range it had to operate in. Material expansion and contraction had to be taken into account to prevent any leakage during extreme temperature changes.

Magnesium Two-Stage Pressure Regulator

This regulator combines the performance of our two-stage regulator in a smaller envelope and a lightweight material. The result is a regulator weighing 25 grams (less than 1oz.) with an envelope slightly larger than our single stage designs. This regulator is suitable for applications demanding accurate pressure regulation with weight and size constraints (ie. Aerospace, man portable devices etc.).

Actuated Metering Valve

This stepper motor actuated valve offers precise flow metering in a hermetic enclosure. The stepper motor actuation provides up to 50 steps of opening/closing and the customizable resistance curve allows the flow response to be tailored to the application. The enclosed design eliminates all dynamic seals for a leak proof operation.


Regulator-Manifold Assembly

Beswick Engineering produces custom designed manifold assemblies for a variety of applications. These assemblies consolidate valves, regulators, and fittings to reduce inventory expenses, weight, and assembly/testing time. Shown, are three miniature pressure regulators assembled onto a custom manifold with barb fittings threaded into the regulators.