The Beswick Story

Paul Beswick, our founder, was an engineer’s engineer who was known to have many projects in various stages of development, both at home and at work. Paul loved the technical aspects of engineering and design; this truly was his life’s passion.

Paul worked for Itek as a Project Manager and department head before founding Beswick Engineering, at the time a small engineering consulting firm, in 1964. While running his engineering consulting firm, Paul continued to broaden his technical knowledge of manufacturing techniques through work with a friend who ran a contract manufacturing business in Beverly, Massachusetts.

The Beswick miniature fluid power product line got started in the early 1970’s when Paul Beswick was visiting an account to discuss a valve application. During the visit, engineers shared their frustrations over the unreliable brass fittings they were using. Paul sensed an opportunity to innovate once he saw the problems they were encountering. He offered to look into their problem and design a fitting that would not leak or loosen over time. Paul’s research led to the design and development of the first 10–32 threaded, captured O-ring face seal fitting. The Beswick fittings also incorporated another innovation, a single edge barb design, which proved to be easy to use and leak proof. This level of customer support is a key part of what sets Beswick apart from the rest of the industry, and continues to this day.

The customer loved Paul’s innovative designs.

With this early success, Paul shifted his focus from an engineering service company to a fluid power products company. The company focus changed but not the commitment and passion to solve customer problems. With orders coming in for his innovative products, Paul purchased his first automatic manufacturing machines so Beswick could manufacture its own products. Among the first products designed and produced by Beswick Engineering were fittings, pressure regulators, valves, and quick disconnects.

In 1996, Beswick Engineering moved from its location in Ipswich, Massachusetts to a modern facility in Greenland, New Hampshire to support its continuous growth. The new location featured additional office space, a brand new machine shop addition, and a scenic location for the employees and their families. Since the move, the company has experienced years of record growth and profit, resulting in the opening of a branch office in Singapore in 2000. The office in Singapore serves our growing customer population in Asia and provides Beswick with a larger international presence.

Today, Beswick Engineering remains the leader in providing the largest range of miniature 303 and 316 stainless steel fittings in the world.

In addition to our expansive 10–32 threaded barb fitting line, Beswick offers pipe thread fittings, metric M3 and M5 threaded fittings, ¼-28 and 5/16-24 fittings and more. Beswick Engineering has also expanded upon our miniature pressure regulators, quick disconnects and valve options; some of which hold patents. The product line continues to grow through Beswick’s own innovation, industrial research and by working closely with customers to solve their fluid power challenges.

Paul Beswick passed away in August of 2010, but his legacy thrives here at Beswick Engineering. We continue on with our Founder’s mission of passionately pursuing innovation in engineering and design, creating pioneering products, providing exceptional customer support, and actively looking for opportunities to add value and contribute to our customers’ success.