Whether we are creating custom designed fittings, valves or regulators for a customer or continuing our long history of innovation, there are always new products for us to share with you.

Check out the newest in fluid power design solutions.

Our Single Shut-Off Quick Disconnect Is Now Available In Non-Latching Configuration.

Our Popular 10-32 threaded single shut-off quick disconnect is now available in a non-latching configuration. Non-latching quick disconnects can be a great fit for many cooling system applications or in any other application where a latching function is not needed for system integration. Our new Q1NL series of quick disconnect provides the same performance as […]

New Recessed Hex Stud Elbows & Tees

Beswick Engineering has released a new option for our popular line of low profile barb and compression fittings. The new stud option is provided with a recessed 7/16 inch hex. The new studs can be specified in place of the slotted head currently available on our lines of low profile elbow and tee fittings. The […]

Our Dry Break Quick Disconnect is Now Available in Non-Latching Configuration

Our Popular 10-32 threaded dry break quick disconnect is now available in a non-latching configuration. Non-latching quick disconnects can be a great fit for many cooling system applications. Our new QDNL series of quick disconnect provides the same dry break performance as the QD series but also adds features that allow them to be installed […]

Miniature Pinch Valves Now Available

Pinch valves are used to control fluid when it is advantageous to avoid fluid contact with mechanical components and elastomeric seals, where other designs such as ball valves and poppet style valves have direct fluid contact. Pinch valves achieve fluid control by clamping down on the outside diameter of the tubing to stop flow. The […]

See Our Smallest Multi-Line Quick Disconnect Yet!

Streamline your miniature fluid lines and prevent leakage during connection and disconnection with the Beswick QDM34L series four-line, dry break quick disconnect. The dry break design minimizes dead volume (the space between the internal and external ends when connected) to essentially eliminate any leakage when making or breaking connections.  Both the internal and external ends include […]

Learn More About Our New Miniature In-line Needle Valve

Beswick Engineering’s new NV3I needle valve has a new form factor featuring in-line M3 porting. The new configuration allows for simplified tubing connections and higher pressure rating while maintaining a compact layout .  The new design is rated for inlet pressures up to 1,000 psi (68 bar). The fine threaded adjustment provides 4 turns from […]

New Miniature Filter Elbows Released

Prevent contaminants from flowing through pneumatic lines with these new 10-32 or M5 threaded, adjustable position filter elbow fittings. A porous sintered filter (5 micron, 20 micron, 40 micron) or wire mesh screen (43 micron) is pressed into the threaded end of the stud. The body includes a barb for use with soft tubing IDs ranging […]

Our High Flow Quick Disconnect Has Been Released In Non-Latching Configurations

The QD3NL series non-latching blind-mate quick disconnect is ideal for use in cooling systems (such as are common in process, semiconductor, instrumentation, and aerospace industries) for quick serviceability. Disconnection and connection is accomplished without the need to manually move a releasing sleeve and therefore the quick disconnect can be positioned in inaccessible locations. The dry-break […]

Learn About Our New Rapid Pressurization Valve

Beswick Engineering’s Rapid Pressurization Valve (RPV) is a novel product designed to control the motion of a pneumatic actuator such as a chuck, press, or gripper as it contacts a work-piece. The device is purely mechanical and therefore does not draw electric power to function. Simply install the RPV in-line with your actuator, set the […]

Stainless Steel Flare Fittings Now Available

New from Beswick Engineering:  37 degree flare fittings for use with 1/8” OD  and ¼” OD metallic tubing. These Beswick MFM series flare fittings are available with 10-32 UNF, ¼-28 UNF, and 5/16-24 UNF thread sizes. The threaded end of the flare fitting includes the innovative Beswick captured o-ring face seal gland which insures a leak-tight […]

New 1/32 Compression Fitting Sizes Released

We have recently released a new compression fitting line for use with 1/32″ O.D. tubing.  They are initially available in straight configuration with a 10-32 threaded connection.  Assemblies are leak free due to the internal ferrules and our signature captured O-ring face seal design. Find out more in our online catalog by clicking bellow: Standard […]

Our Smallest Relief Valve Is Now Available!

Introducing the Beswick Engineering miniature high purity stainless steel relief valve designed for applications requiring a safety device to prevent over pressurization of a system. This design saves a considerable amount of space as the valve is just over a 1” (2.6 cm) in height and contains the popular 10-32 thread with an integrated O-ring […]

New Connection Options For High Flow Dry Break Quick Disconnect

Beswick’s line of high flow dry break quick disconnects just got more connection options. Previously only available with an M8 thread, other options such as 1/4″ compression fittings and 5/16-24 threads are now in stock. The QD3L series of quick disconnect offers spill-free connection and disconnection while providing a high rate of flow in a […]

New MBV4P-1414-3 Selector Valve

Beswick’s new 303 stainless steel, ¼-28 threaded multi-port valve offers 4-way bidirectional flow switching. This valve is suitable for pressures up to 500 psi (34.5 bar) and temperatures from -4º F to 248º F (-20º C to 120º C) when assembled with the standard Teflon® and Nitrile seals. For applications exposed to extreme temperatures and/or […]

New “Pressure Regulators – Design Selection is Key” White Paper

Beswick Engineering has released its latest white paper on “Pressure Regulators – Design Selection is Key”. Learn about specific design selection parameters including operating pressures, flow requirements, temperature compatibility, and more. Click Here to read our white paper Also, be sure to read other Beswick Engineering’s Fluid Power Articles in our Technical Resources Section. Beswick Engineering specializes in miniature liquid […]

New QDM3I-3 and QDM3E-3 Dry Break

Beswick Engineering introduces a new dry break series in its quick disconnect product line. The dry break quick disconnect functions similar to a double shut-off quick disconnect however it provides a higher level of sealing during connection and disconnection. […]

New M3 Thread to Barb Sintered Filter

Beswick Engineering has introduced a new M3 thread to barb sintered filter measuring at 20 microns. The FM3H series of ultra miniature filter fittings include M3x0.5 threads and an integrated sintered 316 stainless steel filter as well as 303 stainless steel body. […]

New 1/4-28 UNF Threaded Ball Valve

The MBV-1414-3 ball valve is an excellent choice for applications requiring a compact, high quality, on/off valve. Manufactured in 303 stainless steel and machined with a ¼-28 UNF threaded inlet and outlet ports this valve is ideal for high technology devices.  […]

New M3 Threaded Filter Fittings

Beswick Engineering has introduced its smallest filter fitting yet. The C3F series of ultra miniature filter fittings include M3x0.5 threads and an integrated sintered filter element as well as 303 or 316 stainless steel construction.  […]

New Gas Cylinder Pierce Fitting

The new and improved piercing fitting design, GCP adapter fitting, prevents possible o-ring seal blow outs. This design is ideal for use with Beswick multi-stage regulator such as our PRD3HP. […]

New High Resolution Diaphragm Cap

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. announces the release of a 1 7/8 (1.875) inch high-resolution diaphragm cap for the most demanding low pressure applications. This, larger diameter, diaphragm cap assembly greatly increases the sensing area and therefore the responsiveness (Force = Pressure x Area) of the regulators. […]

New Vacuum Relief Valve Released

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. announces the release of an ultra-miniature 26.2 mm diameter diaphragm vacuum relief valve. The new VRV design features a low-friction sensor and a proprietary valve arrangement to aid in releasing pressures below atmospheric pressure. […]

New Adjustable Check Valve Released

Reduce assembly time and save valuable space with Beswick’s miniature adjustable CKVA series check valve. No longer do you need multiple valves or extra assembly time to disassemble connections. […]

As a team of engineers, we stay busy here at Beswick and always have something new to share. Check out the newest developments, products and projects.

Beswick Engineering Will Be Exhibiting At Pittcon 2024

Please visit the Beswick Engineering booth 1911 at the Pittcon 2024 show at the San Diego Convention Center, February 26th through the 28th. You’ll get a first-hand look at our latest miniature fluid power advances. We are celebrating our 60th year in business and Pittcon is celebrating its 75th year serving the instrumentation field. The […]

Rosanna Garcia Named Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at WPI

Rosanna Garcia was recently named the new Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The Beswick Professorship was established at WPI in 2007 by a gift from Paul & S.K. Beswick. You can read more about Rosanna Garcia joining the faculty at WPI’s Business School on their website here. You can read […]

New Digital and Paper Catalog Released

Our extensive product line from our online catalog is now also available via our new paper catalog (Volume C#119)! If you enjoy occasionally taking a break from the computer screen, our paper catalog will be an excellent option for you. It’s quick to flip through the printed copy and find an inspired solution. Catalog #119 includes detailed […]

New Website Launched

Welcome to our new website!  You can find a summary of the new features we have added here.  Should you encounter any issues or if you would like to provide any feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think!

Pressure Regulator “How To” Video

Check out our latest “How To” Youtube video for installing a Beswick Engineering Single Stage, Non-Relieving, Pressure Regulator with a desired outlet pressure of 10 psi. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel BeswickEngineeringCo to get the latest updates and feel free to Like, Share, and Comment! Beswick Engineering specializes in miniature liquid and pneumatic fittings, […]

Compression Fitting “How To” Video

Beswick Engineering has rolled out with a new “How To” YouTube video for assembling a 1/16″ OD Tubing using Beswick Engineering’s Pre-swage Tool. Check out our video below! Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel BeswickEngineeringCo to get the latest updates and feel free to Like, Share, and Comment! Beswick Engineering specializes in miniature liquid and […]

Beswick Engineering Contribution Recognized by CenterLine

Beswick Engineering has recently received an appreciation plaque from one of our valued and trusted customers, CenterLine (Windsor) Limited. Our company has supplied its 8-line Multiple Line Quick Disconnect (MQDC) to Centerline in Canada for use in “The Donald Beneteau Centre of Excellence” demonstration center, which is a technical learning and demonstration centre located within […]

Beswick Engineering Selected as Golden Mousetrap Award Finalist

Beswick has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 Golden Mousetrap Award created by UBM Canon.  If you are attending the MD&M West show in Anaheim on February 11th come see first hand the automation and control winner.  Beswick’s miniature high flow, dry break, quick disconnect was chosen as a finalist due to the excellent sealing capabilities of the […]