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Innovation for Every Industry

Beswick fittings, quick disconnects, valves, pressure regulators and other products are used in more than 50 industries worldwide with more applications coming every day. Whether you are looking to refine, create or innovate inside your industry, we have the products and expertise to make it possible.

See the list below and click to read applications within the industry. Also see our Online Catalog, or Speak to an Engineer.

Analytical Instruments

Instruments used to test air, water, pharmaceuticals, and more, for purity are more important now than ever.

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Scientific Instrumentation


Engineers designing medical devices that require fluid handling or pneumatic control have long turned to us for quick connects, fittings and pressure regulators.

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Medical Equipment


Moving various fluids such as water, compressed air, and anesthesia gases through tubes are essential to dental equipment.

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Semiconductor production is demanding work with strict temperature, cleanliness, out-gassing and pressure requirements.

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Semiconductor Equipment

Inkjet & 3D Printing

Large format inkjet printers often don’t just use standard ink in their print heads.

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Large Format Inkjet Printers


The aerospace industry is changing rapidly and our products are featured in many new segments of the industry.


Industrial Robots & Automation

Automation is rapidly changing all facets of manufacturing in our country and all over the world.

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Automation Systems

Bomb, Gas & Narcotic Detection Equipment

Security is more important than ever today and it takes special equipment to keep us safe from all sorts of threats.

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Gas Detection

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Multiple sectors, including aerospace, transportation and electrical generation, are looking to portable hydrogen fuel cells to revolutionize energy storage.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Packaging & Food Packaging Machinery

No matter what goods they are packaging, all packaging machinery needs to run efficiently to maximize production, minimize cost and ensure profitability.

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Food Packaging Equipment