New QDM3I-3 and QDM3E-3 Dry Break

dry break m3 quick disconnects

Beswick Engineering introduces a new dry break series in its quick disconnect product line. The dry break quick disconnect functions similar to a double shut-off quick disconnect however it provides a higher level of sealing during connection and disconnection. The dry break connects without leakage or fluid spray. Additionally, the design minimizes dead volume (the space between the internal and external ends when connected) to essentially eliminate any leakage when disconnecting.

Beswick’s new dry break quick disconnects set an industry standard for miniaturization and high performance. They are designed and manufactured for applications where space, leak-tightness, durability, and light weight are required. Applications include: medical and dental equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, aerospace equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots and many more.

In addition to the new dry break miniature quick disconnect Beswick offers several other types of miniature quick disconnects. These include: snap type, screw type, bayonet type, single line, single shut-off, double shut-off, threaded and barbed connections, and multi-line configurations. The multi-line versions provide exceptionally quick connections while also insuring proper orientation.

Both options are available with our signature Buna-N or Viton® O-ring seals.
For more information click on the links below:

Beswick Dry Break QDM3I-3 Internal Pin

Beswick Dry Break QDM3E-3 External Pin

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