New Recessed Hex Stud Elbows & Tees

Beswick Engineering has released a new option for our popular line of low profile barb and compression fittings. The new stud option is provided with a recessed 7/16 inch hex. The new studs can be specified in place of the slotted head currently available on our lines of low profile elbow and tee fittings. The new design can be easily tightened with a hex key Allen wrench without the worry of stripping out a screwdriver slot.

We are now offering the recessed hex stud as an orderable option on the following product lines:

SMLS – 10-32 male thread barbed elbow
S5MLS – M5 male thread barbed elbow
SMTS – 10-32 male thread barbed tee
S5MTS – M5 male thread barbed tee
SMCBL – 10-32 male thread 1/16″ compression elbow
S5MCBL – M5 male thread 1/16″ compression elbow
SMCBT – 10-32 thread 1/16″ compression tee
S5MCBT – M5 male thread 1/16″ compression tee

To specify the new stud option simply select the option from the stud type drop down menu in the part configurator when using our online catalog:

The new option can be specified in the part number by adding the “R” to the end of the part number prefix. For example part number SMLS-1332 becomes SMLSR-1332 with the recessed hex designation added.

The stud can also be purchased separately:

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