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Quick Disconnect Selection Guide

Snap Type Quick Disconnects:

Are you looking for connectors that will permit one hand disconnections and prevent fluid flow from escaping? If you are your search ends right here. Beswick has a variety of single and double shut-off assemblies to select from. The snap type product line of quick disconnects can be easily connected and disconnected. To connect, simply push the two halves together and to disconnect, slide the knurled sleeve back towards the internal side of the fitting. All of the quick disconnects will need an internal (female) and external (male) end to function properly. The connectors are all available in 303 stainless steel and most models available in brass and 316 stainless steel. To help in your selection a number of factors must be considered. Once you have narrowed down your requirements you can find our selection of quick disconnect fittings at:

Beswick Engineering Quick Disconnects

Do you need a shut-off in the internal (female) end or both ends of the connector?


Single Shut-off:          QDC-101-I, QM3I, QH1I    

The single shut-off connectors have only one shut-off which is located in the internal side of the fitting. The external pin that is used in the connection, is bored straight through, and will not stop flow when the two halves are disconnected.


Double Shut-off:         QDC-101-I-DS, QHI-DS

The double shut-off connectors have shut-off valves in both the internal and external ends. The shut-offs prevent fluid from leaking out of both ends when the assembly is disconnected.



Dry Break:                 QDI and QDE

The dry break quick disconnect functions similar to a double shut-off quick disconnect however the design minimizes dead volume (the space between the internal and external ends when connected) to essentially eliminate any leakage when disconnecting.

It provides a higher level of sealing during connection and disconnection and eliminates the minimal amount of leakage the instant you make the disconnection.

A shut-off valve is located in both sides of the connector.


Are you connecting multiple lines?  

QDC4L-101, QDC6L-101, and QDC8L-101

Disconnecting multiple lines is also a possibility with Beswick’s multiple line quick disconnect, known as a MLQDC. The design incorporates a keyed location pin to insure correct orientation of the fluid lines during connection. The disconnect also features a releasing sleeve that permits one-hand connecting or disconnecting of several fluid lines simultaneously. The internal end is designed with an automatic shut-off valve.



Are you concerned about flow?   


Beswick does manufacture a high flow quick disconnect for applications requiring more flow. The flow from the QH1I is about double the flow obtained from a QDC connector.


Are you concerned about pressure?   


Beswick does manufacture a high pressure bayonet quick disconnect for applications involving pressures up to 3,000 psig. The internal end of the quick disconnect will shut off when disconnected. The internal side of the connector is designed with a pin to insure correct orientation of the internal and external sides.


Please note, most of the quick disconnects pressure ratings are up to 500 psig while connected. Beswick Engineering does NOT recommend connecting or disconnecting QDCs under pressures above 200 psig.


Screw Type Quick Disconnects:


Beswick’s screw type quick disconnects are a good choice when connections are infrequent. The connectors are economical and do facilitate easy component replacement. The screw type quick disconnect has a shut-off in the external (male) end of the fitting.