1 Inch Bore Air Cylinder

CAD Model


Description: The 2-640 series 1″ bore cylinders are made from brass or stainless steel with a clevis style tail. This novel design has the piston rod supported with two composite bushings. One is in the nose and the other is in the tail assembly. These separated bushings adequately support most couples induced by side loads and/or stress reversals and thus minimize stress raisers, a major source of early failure in cylinders. Dynamic lip seals have a U-shaped cross section. These Beswick cylinders are rebuildable, fit most standard mountings, are ideal for long life service applications and do not require a lubricated air supply. They function exceptionally well in linkage applications and can essentially serve as an “extendible link”.

Force Factor: 0.785 in extension, 0.709 in retraction.

Maximum Pressure Range: 250psig.

Approximate Weight: 370g for 1” stroke length, 443g for 2” stroke length.

Porting: Two 10-32 internal threaded ports.

Materials: Brass body with 300 series Stainless Steel internals. Moly filled Buna-N seals. Iglide J sleeve bearing.