5mm Hex Body, Duckbill Check Valve

CAD Model


Description:This Ultra Miniature low cracking pressure check valve permits free flow in one direction and no flow (checked) in the opposite direction. This valve is specified in many applications because of its very low cracking pressure (typically less than 0.5 psig), its excellent repeatability, and leak-tight operation. Custom variations of barbed and threaded bodies are available. Contact the factory for details.

Max Back Pressure Rating: 250psig

Effective Orifice: Approximately 0.035″ to 0.040″ 

Approximate Weight: 2g in brass and 303 stainless. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Note: Check valve elements are designed for regular use. If the valve is not used for an extended period of time, the duckbill element may stick upon first use, resulting in a one-time higher cracking pressure requirement.


  • Space saving 5 MM hexagonal body.
  • Duckbill checking element allows for cracking pressures around 0.5 psig.
  • Check valve elements are typically actuated by reverse pressure and are best suited for applications with over 5 psig of back pressure. If the valve is required to check with minimal back pressure, contact a Beswick applications engineer to discuss available options.