Adjustable Excess Flow Valve

CAD Model


Description: The EFV acts as a “circuit breaker” for fluid flow. If flow exceeds the set limit, the EFV1 will trip, shutting off the flow. The valve has an adjustable bleed between the inlet and outlet, which allows the EFV1 to reset when flow is shut off downstream of the valve. If bleed flow is not desired, the bleed can be closed and the EFV1 alternatively reset by shutting off and venting the source pressure. 

Max Pressure Rating: 500psig

Trip Setting Flow Range: 3.75 – 175 SCFH (1.77 – 82.60 LPM)

Materials: 302 and 303 Stainless Steel components.

Approximate Weight: 80g in stainless steel (303 & 316). Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Porting: 10-32 female threaded inlet and outlet ports.

Flow Range Data


  • Adjustable trip flow rate
  • Adjustable bleed/reset flow rate
  • Effective Orifice “.038
  • 10-32 UNF female threaded ports
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel