Gas Cylinder Pierce Fitting

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PRD3HP High Pressure Regulator

The PRD3HP high pressure regulator has a 1/4-28 threaded inlet port which can directly connect to a pierce fitting for use with compressed gas cylinders.

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Description: The GCP series fittings are designed to allow easy connection from 3/8-24 or 1/2-20 threaded compressed gas cylinders directly to the inlet port of a Beswick multi-stage regulator such as our PRD3HP. The fitting contains a pin, which pierces the gas cylinder upon connection. Two O-ring seals and a urethane washer ensure a leak tight assembly.

Materials: 303 Stainless Steel body with Urethane washer.

Note: Minimum Thread length requirement on mating cylinder:
GCP-1412: 17/32″
GCP-1438: 3/8″
GCP-1038: 3/8″