10-32 Thread to Female Luer

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Replacement O-Rings

O-Ring replacement for male 10-32 threaded luer lock fittings. Internal seals for double shut off variants not sold separately.

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LULM Male Luer Lock

10-32 thread to male luer lock fitting.

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Description: Internal luer lock fitting with a 10-32 thread. Also available with an optional integrated shut off mechanism. 

Max Pressure Rating: 40psig with liquids. Metal-to-metal luer lock interface not guaranteed to seal with gas.


  • Captured O-Ring face seal for leak tight installation on male threaded model.
  • Beswick offers a mating External half.


  • Configurations with a built-in shut-off will close to prevent flow when disconnected.
  • Internal luers with no shut-off or with single shut-off (LULF or LULFS) must be paired with an external luer with no shut-off (LULM).
  • Double shut-off internal luers (LULFD) must be paired with double shut-off external luers (LULMD).