M5 Thread to 1/4 Inch O.D. Tubing, Elbow Compression

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Description: Miniature compression fitting elbow with M5 external thread, for 1/4″ OD stiff plastic or metal tubing. Adjustable position design.

Max Pressure Rating: 3,000 psig in stainless steel, when used with high pressure metal tubing. When using stiff plastic tubing, the burst pressure of the tube is typically the limiting factor.

Body Material: 

Brass: 303 stainless steel stud with brass body, nut and single piece ferrule.

303 stainless steel: 303 stainless steel stud, body, nut and two piece ferrule.

316 stainless steel: 316 stainless steel stud, body, nut and two piece ferrule.

Ferrule Material: When PEEK is selected, the metallic ferrule(s) are replaced with a single piece PEEK ferrule.

Note: When using our stainless steel ¼” compression fittings in certain applications the use of isopropyl alcohol on the compression threads can help aid installation. If you are using stainless steel or thick-walled tubing or if you have put the compression fitting components through an ultra-pure cleaning process please contact a Beswick Applications Engineer for additional information.


  • Beswick compression fittings give you the ability to operate at high pressures and temperatures while maintaining a small envelope.
  • Beswick’s ferrules provide for a leak-tight tubing connection while a captured O-ring ensures a reliable face seal for male threaded fittings.
  • Easy to install without special tools.