M5 Thread to Barb, Orifice

CAD Model


Description: M5 male threaded barb fitting with micro-drilled orifice for precise flow restriction.

Max Pressure Rating: 100 psig, when used with appropriately sized polyurethane tubing. With a clamp installed, the limiting factor generally becomes the burst pressure of the tubing.


  • Beswick has developed specialized micro-drilling technology to produce precision orifices as small as 0.004” diameter in brass and stainless steel. Beswick micro-drilled orifice fittings are an excellent choice for the majority of applications.
  • Captured O-Ring face seal for leak tight installation.

Material: Brass.

Note: Suggested tube ID is for polyurethane or vinyl tubing. Consult factory if you plan to use a different tubing material.

Note: For critical metering applications, Beswick recommends selecting an orifice diameter no more than 70% of the nominal waterway diameter leading up to the orifice feature.

Note: Please allow sufficient time for delivery. Some configurations are made to order and come with extended lead times.