10-32 Threaded Ports, Selector Ball Valve

CAD Model


Description: Beswick’s miniature selector ball valve is an excellent choice for applications requiring a port selection valve. The MBVT allows bi-directional flow between a common inlet port on the bottom of the valve, and one of two selectable ports on either side. There is also an “off” position.  The design offers compact size, light weight and non-restricted flow.

Maximum Pressure: 500 psig.

Approximate Weight: About 12g in stainless steel.

Effective Orifice: 0.070″

Porting: 10-32 internal threaded inlet and outlet ports.

A Teflon® seat is used to seal the ball on all configurations. All configurations also contain one o-ring seal. The standard o-ring seal material is Buna-N. Optional materials include EPDM and Viton.