Fixed Orifice Flow Control

CAD Model


Description: The Beswick MIL-FOFC contains a factory pre-set orifice and check valve. The orifice meters flow in the forward direction, while the check valve permits free return flow. This valve is ideal for applications where improper adjustment of a flow setting could damage the machine or process.

Max Pressure Rating: 200psig

Effective Orifice: Standard orifice sizes available from 0.004” to 0.029” (0.1-7.4 mm). Other orifice sizes also available upon request.

Adjustment: The orifice within this valve is factory pre-set. Rotation of the knurled sleeve will not change the orifice setting.

Approximate Weight: 16g in brass and 303 stainless. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Porting: 10-32 external threaded inlet and 10-32 internal threaded outlet ports.

Seal Material: Buna-N


  • Inline mounting for ease of installation
  • Tamper proof factory pre set