Twist Sleeve Metering Valve

CAD Model


Description: The Beswick MIL-MV series metering valve contains an adjustable orifice. The orifice meters fluid flow, regardless of flow direction through the valve. The o-ring seals fit to make the valve insensitive to vibration, preventing inadvertent changes to the setting.

Max Pressure Rating: 200psig

Effective Orifice: The maximum effective orifice should be selected from the options below (0.011”-0.055”, or 0.28-1.4mm), based on the approximate maximum flow needed in the application. All configurations are adjustable down to a fully closed bubble-tight shut off.

Adjustment: The knurled sleeve rotates 360 degrees and is restricted from sliding axially. An O-ring is fitted into an eccentric cavity within the valve, in the same plane as the radial inlet orifice. This O-ring is pressed against the radial inlet orifice when the valve is closed and becomes free of the hole as the sleeve rotates.

Approximate Weight: 16g in brass and 303 stainless. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Porting: 10-32 external threaded inlet and 10-32 internal threaded outlet ports.


  • Twist sleeve adjustment
  • Inline mounting for ease of installation
  • Different orifice sizes can be selected to be compatible with the approximate maximum flow needed in the application.