Polyurethane Tubing

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MPC Plastic Sleeve Tubing Clamps

Beswick series MPC plastic sleeve tubing clamp is designed to secure tubing to our barb fittings as well as provide color coding.

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MHC Two-Ear Tubing Clamps

Two-ear style steel tubing clamps designed to be crimped into place.

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MKC Knuckle Threaded Tubing Clamps

Reusable knuckle "light bulb" threaded tubing clamp. Designed to screw into place over tubing and barb interface.

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Description: Polyurethane tubing provides excellent flexibility, resistance to kinking and abrasion, superior memory, elasticity, and resists attack by water, ozone, oil, and grease. Designed for application in medical, dental, and industrial fluid-power systems.

Max Pressure Rating: See Chart

Material: Polyether based polyurethane

Vacuum Rating: 28 inches of Mercury

Temperature Range: -40 to +165 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to +73 Celsius)


  • Beswick polyurethane tubing is sold in rolls of 100 ft. Many sizes and colors available to fit your applications needs.