M3 Threaded Inline Needle Valve

CAD Model


Description: Beswick’s NV3I provides performance similar to the NV3 90 degree and cartridge mount style needle valves, but in a convenient in-line configuration.

Working Pressure Range: The NV3I is rated for a maximum inlet pressure of 1,000 psig. The metal to metal seal provides a positive shut-off down to 25 in HG (vacuum).

Effective Orifice: 0″ to 0.028″ (0-0.7mm). About 0-0.67 SCFM air flow at 50 psig.

Adjustment: All versions come equipped with a 1-72 threaded adjustment screw. There are approximately 4 revolutions of adjustment from fully opened to fully closed.

Weight: Approximately 4g

Porting: M3 female threaded inlet and outlet ports.

Mounting: All models are supplied with a 1/4-28 thread, 3/8″ hex nut, and lock washer for panel mounting.

Material: 303 stainless steel

  • Stainless steel valve seat allows flows to remain steady despite changes in temperature
  • Compact miniature design
  • Inline mounting arrangement