Diaphragm Pressure Compensated Flow Control

CAD Model


Description: The PCFCD-1N1 is designed to maintain a constant flow rate, which the customer can adjust, regardless of upstream or downstream pressure variations. It works with both liquids (incompressible fluids) and gases (compressible fluids) but is primarily intended for the control of liquids. The pressure regulation is accomplished with a low friction diaphragm mechanism.


Max Inlet Pressure Rating: The PCFCD is rated for a maximum inlet pressure of 500 psi.
Pressure Differential Setting: Factory preset to maintain a 10 psi differential across the adjustable orifice.
Effective Orifice: 0” to 0.032” with standard needle.


Flow Control Range:

  • Especially well suited for control of low flow rates.
  • 0 to 4.2 gallons per hour (0 to 19 liters per hour) of water
  • 0-20 ft3/hr (0-0.56 cubic meters per hour) of air
  • High flow and high resolution needles available. Consult factory for details.

Approximate Weight: 45g in brass.
Porting: 10-32 internal threaded inlet and outlet ports.