18mm Body, Single Stage Diaphragm Regulator

CAD Model


Description: The PRDB-18MM series regulator is our smallest diaphragm style regulator, ideal for applications where space and weight are critical. It offers some of the performance benefits of our larger diaphragm style regulators, like the PRDB, while setting an industry standard for miniaturization and light weight.

Max Inlet Pressure Rating: This is a single stage regulator, and is ideal for applications with steady inlet pressures up to a maximum of 500 psig.

Wetted Materials: 303 and 316 Stainless Steel internals. Brass body.

Outlet Pressure Range: Maximum outlet range 0-20 psig.

Approximate Weight: 15g in brass. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Porting: Two M3x0.5 internal threaded inlet and outlet ports.
This is a Non-Relieving regulator.