Single Shut Off, Multiple Line Quick Disconnect - External Pin

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QDC Multi Line Internal

Compatible internal mating half for for the QDC multi line quick disconnect series.

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Description: External end of the multiple line quick disconnect. The snap-type multiple line quick disconnect features a releasing sleeve that permits one-hand connecting or disconnecting of several fluid lines simultaneously. Simply push the sleeve in to disconnect the fluid lines and push the internal and external ends together to connect the lines. The design incorporates a keyed location pin to insure correct orientation of the fluid lines during connection. The internal end is designed with an automatic shut-off valve.

Max Pressure Rating: 500 psig while connected.  Take caution when disconnecting lines under pressure since the external pins have no shut-off and will vent to atmosphere when disconnected.  Due to this, our recommended maximum pressure for connecting or disconnecting the assembly is 120 psig.


  • Snap connection and releasing sleeve disconnection.
  • Available as a double shut off configuration (external and internal ends shut off) or single shut off configurations (internal end shuts off)
  • QDC multi-line E pin half must be paired with a QDC multi-line I pin half for a complete quick disconnect assembly.
  • Available in 4, 6 and 8 line configurations.