No Shut Off, Quick Disconnect - Internal Pin

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QDC-101-E External

Compatible external mating half for for the QDC-101 no shut off quick disconnect series.

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QDC-101-I Internal

We also offer the QDC-101-I with a shut off mechanism. You can find it here.

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Description: Internal half of the snap-type quick disconnect assembly with no automatic shut off.  Line remains open to atmosphere when disconnected.

Max Pressure Rating: 500 psig while connected.  200 psig while connecting or disconnecting.*

*Note that the pressure rating of configurations using barbs will likely be limited by tubing selection.


  • Snap connection and releasing sleeve disconnection.
  • Remains open to atmosphere when disconnected.
  • QDC-101-I-NS must be paired with a QDC-101-E or QDC-102-E half for a complete quick disconnect assembly.