Screw Type Quick Disconnect, Internal Half

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QDC Screw External

Compatible external mating half for for the QDC screw disconnect series.

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Description: Internal end of the Beswick miniature screw-type quick disconnect. When the internal end (QDC-1F, QDC-2F or QDC-5F) and the external end (QDC-1M, QDC-2M or QDC-3M) are screwed together, a valve in the external end opens to permit flow. When the external end and internal end are disconnected, the valve in the external end closes to prevent fluid from exiting. The QDC-4F and QDC-5M can be used when no shut-off valve is needed. The screw-type quick disconnects are economical and a good choice when connects/disconnects are infrequent. Beswick snap-type quick disconnects may be a better choice for more frequent connects/disconnects or greater convenience is desired.

Maximum Pressure Rating: 500psig while connected. Beswick does not recommend connecting or disconnecting at pressures over 200 psig.

Material: Brass body & nut with one steel E-ring.