Double Shut Off, Dry Break Quick Disconnect - Internal Pin - M3 thread

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QDM3E External

Compatible external mating half for for the QDM3 dry break M3 quick disconnect series.

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Description: Internal half Beswick series QDM3I-3 dry break quick disconnect assembly. The dry break quick disconnect functions similar to a double shut-off quick disconnect however it provides a higher level of sealing during connection and disconnection. The dry break connects without leakage or fluid spray. Additionally, the design minimizes dead volume (the space between the internal and external ends when connected) to essentially eliminate any leakage when disconnecting.

Max Pressure Rating: 500 psig while connected.  200 psig while connecting or disconnecting.

Materials: 302, 303 and 316 Stainless Steel components.

Temperature Range: -4F to 250F (-20C to 120C) for Buna-N models


  • Snap connection and releasing sleeve disconnection.
  • Both internal and external halves shut off when disconnected.
  • Leak free connection and disconnection.
  • QDM3I must be paired with a QDM3E half for a complete quick disconnect assembly.