PR Part Number Change

The part numbering scheme for our PR series pressure regulators and BPR back pressure regulators has changed as of April 1st, 2021.

The standard outlet pressure range for the PR and cracking pressure range for the BPR is 0 to 50 psig. Previously, no option code was needed to specify this range. We had also used option codes “LP” (0 to 25 psig), “HP” (0 to 100 psig), and “XP” (0 to 400 psig). Moving forward, there will be a two-digit numeric option code associated with all outlet/cracking pressure ranges for the PR series pressure regulators and BPR series back pressure regulators. Please refer to the chart below to cross reference the updated part number scheme.

LP 0 to 25 psig 03 0 to 30 psig
none/default 0 to 50 psig 05 0 to 50 psig
HP 0 to 100 psig 10 0 to 100 psig
XP 0 to 400 psig 40 0 to 400 psig

For example if you previously ordered part number PR-5N4-HP then the new part number you will need to use is PR-5N4-10 for the 0-100 psig pressure range. If you previously ordered the 0-50 psig range regulator with a part number like PR-1N5 then the new part number you will need to use is PR-1N5-05.

If you have any questions about this part number change or you require assistance updating your internal purchasing and engineering specifications, please contact an engineer.