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New Gas Cylinder Pierce Fitting

The new and improved piercing fitting design, GCP adaptor fitting, prevents possible o-ring seal blow outs.  This design is ideal for use with Beswick multi-stage regulator such as our PRD3 or PRD3HP. The improved sealing design reliably connects 3/8-24 or ½-20 threadedcompressed gas cylinders directly to Beswick pressure regulators or any other ¼-28 or 10-32 threaded components in use.

You can find it listed on our online catalog here: Click Here For The Online Catalog Listing

Beswick Engineering specializes in miniature liquid and pneumatic fittings, quick disconnects, valves and regulators. We have a team of degreed Application Engineers ready to assist you with your questions. Custom designs are available upon request. Submit your inquiry on our Contact Us page or click the Live Chat icon in the bottom left of your screen.