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New Vacuum Relief Valve Released

Beswick Engineering Co., Inc. announces the release of an ultra-miniature 26.2 mm diameter diaphragm vacuum relief valve. The new VRV design features a low-friction sensor and a proprietary valve arrangement to aid in releasing pressures below atmospheric pressure.   The VRV controls vacuum form a range of 0 psig (29.5 in-Hg) down to -12.7 psig (4 in-HG).  Manufactured in corrosion resistant 303 stainless steel, the valve weighs approximately 25 g. Machined with a 10-32 internal threaded inlet and outlet port, the valve can be connected to a vast variety of Beswick Engineering’s fittings, quick disconnects and other stainless steel and brass products.

The VRV is now in stock.  You can find it listed on our website here.

It is also listed in our new print catalog.  Find out how to get our new print catalog here.

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