10-32 Thread to Barb, Ball Bearing Swivel Position Elbow

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Replacement O-Rings

Replacement O-Ring for 10-32 male thread. Internal seals not available for purchase.

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Polyurethane Tubing

Polyurethane tubing is recommended for use with our barbed fittings. It provides excellent flexibility and resistance to kinking.

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Description: Miniature swivel fitting with 10-32 thread and built-in barb. Designed with ball bearings, to swivel freely 360 degrees in applications with moderate to high cycling.

Max Pressure Rating: 100 psig, when used with appropriately sized polyurethane tubing. With a clamp installed, the limiting factor generally becomes the burst pressure of the tubing.

Max RPM: This fitting is not recommended for over 100 RPM. Please consult factory if your application is over 100 RPM.


  • Beswick’s trademark O-ring seal design provides a leak-tight joint.
  • Beswick’s proprietary single edged “line contact” barb allows tubing to be pushed onto the fitting easily by hand, while still providing exceptional holding power. It also insures a leak tight connection at the tubing interface.

Note: Suggested tube ID is for polyurethane or vinyl tubing. Consult factory if you plan to use a different tubing material.

Note: Not recommended for use with liquids.