Single Stage Piston Regulator

CAD Model


NOTICE: The part number scheme for the PR series regulators has recently changed.  Please view the update here.

Description: The PR family of regulators offers relatively precise pressure regulation in a versatile, economical, miniature package. A wide selection of porting configurations and adjustment styles are available, offering design freedom.

Max Inlet Pressure Rating: This is a single stage regulator, and is ideal for applications with steady inlet pressures up to a maximum of 500 psig.

Outlet Pressure Range: Maximum outlet range 0-400 psi. Piston style regulators contain coil springs, and are especially well suited for applications requiring higher outlet pressures (minimum 10 psi).

Approximate Weight: 72g in brass and stainless steel and 33g in aluminum. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.

Porting: Eight different porting configurations are available. See images above for more information.
This regulator is available in both Relieving and Non-Relieving configurations.

Mounting: Most models are supplied with a 15/32-32 thread, with two 9/16″ hex nuts and 2 washers for panel mounting.  Manifold ported regulators (Type 2 & Type 8) include the 15-32-32 panel mount thread but are not supplied with panel mounting hardware.

Flow Curves