Single Stage Diaphragm Regulator

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MEB Hex Extension Fitting

The inlet and outlet ports on the PRD series regulators are designed for use with fittings that have a hex size of 5/16" or less. To avoid interference with a larger fitting we recommend the use of an MEB-1010 series extension adapter.

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Description: The PRD is a miniature, single stage, diaphragm style, pressure regulator. It is an excellent choice for applications where the inlet pressures will be consistent, and flow and outlet pressures will be low (e.g. 0-30 psig).

Max Inlet Pressure Rating: This is a single stage regulator, and is ideal for applications with steady inlet pressures up to a maximum of 500 psig.

Outlet Pressure Range: Maximum outlet range 0-50 psig for coil spring cap options. The large valve to sensing area ratio and frictionless design of Beswick’s diaphragm style regulators make them especially well suited for low pressure regulation, such as ½ psi.

Approximate Weight: 25g in brass and stainless steel (303 & 316), 15g in aluminum. Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.  Selecting the 2 inch. high resolution cap option adds approximately 50-60g to total weight.

Porting: 10-32 internal threaded inlet and outlet ports.

This is a Non-Relieving regulator. 

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