Three-Stage High Pressure Diaphragm Regulator

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GCP Gas Cylinder Pierce Fitting

The GCP series fittings are designed to allow easy connection from 3/8-24 or 1/2-20 threaded compressed gas cylinders directly to the inlet port of a Beswick multi-stage regulator such as our PRD4HP.

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Description: Beswick’s PRD4HP is a compact three stage regulator, ideal for applications requiring accurate regulation of high pressure fluids down to very low pressures and flows.

The PRD4HP improves upon the design of our popular PRD3HP high pressure regulator with a new high pressure first stage design.  The improved first stage utilizes a PEEK valve seat for improved high temperature performance.  The new design does not alter the dimensions or layout of the regulator.  No design modifications are required to replace a PRD3HP.

Max Inlet Pressure Rating: The PRD4HP is a three stage regulator, capable of accurately reducing very high inlet pressures, up to 3,000 psi. It is ideal for applications where the source fluid will be coming directly from a cylinder of high pressure compressed gas.

Outlet Pressure Range: Maximum outlet range 0-40 psig. The large valve to sensing area ratio and low friction design of Beswick’s diaphragm style regulators make them especially well suited for low pressure regulation, such as ½ psi. The three stage design allows the regulator to maintain a consistent outlet pressure despite wide swings in the inlet/source pressure.

Approximate Weight: 76g in brass and stainless steel (303 & 316). Weight will vary slightly, depending on configuration.  Selecting the 2 inch. high resolution cap option adds approximately 50-60g to total weight.

Porting: ¼-28 internal threaded inlet port, 10-32 internal threaded outlet port.
This is a Non-Relieving regulator.

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