Single Line, Single Shut-Off, Non-Latching Quick Disconnect - External End

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Q1INL Internal

Compatible internal mating half for the Q1NL non-latching quick disconnect series.

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Description: External half of a non-latching quick disconnect assembly, for use with single shut-off internal end. No shut-off provided in external end. Nonlatching versions of our single shut-off quick disconnects are useful for applications where multiple disconnects will be used in close proximity, when customer would like to use their own latching mechanism, or when the disconnect will not be readily accessible in service.

Maximum Pressure Rating: 500 psig while connected. 200 psig while connecting or disconnecting.

Material: 303 stainless steel body. 302 stainless steel springs. ENP brass nut and 410 stainless steel washer on panel mount configurations.


  • Non-latching design allows for easier integration in some systems.
  • Shuts off when disconnected.