Double Shut Off, Dry Break, Non-Latching Quick Disconnect - External Pin

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QDINL Internal

Compatible internal mating half for the QDNL dry break quick disconnect series.

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Description: External half of a non-latching dry break quick disconnect assembly with automatic shut-off, for use with dry break internal end. Non-latching versions of our dry break quick disconnects are useful for applications where multiple disconnects will be used in close proximity, when a separate latching mechanism will be used, or when the disconnect will not be readily accessible in service.

Maximum Pressure Rating: 500 psig while fully engaged.  200 psig while connecting or disconnecting.

Materials: 303 stainless steel body.  302 stainless steel springs.  ENP brass nut and 410 stainless steel washer on panel mount configurations.

Float Mount Alignment Detail


  • Non-latching design allows for easier integration in some systems.
  • Shuts off when disconnected.
  • Leak free connection and disconnection.