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Lubrication Options

Beswick Engineering offers several options for component lubrication. We realize many applications have strict requirements for cleanliness and out-gassing characteristics so we want to ensure you have the most options available to you when choosing Beswick products. On our online catalog you will find that most components have a Lubrication Options or Special Options category […]

Rapid Pressurization Valve (RPV)

Rapid Pressurization Valve Are you concerned that a fast moving pneumatic component/clamping device could damage your product or workpiece? Are you finding it difficult to control the speed of a clamping device?  Ideally, you want the clamping device to move slowly until it reaches the product or workpiece but then you want the pressure to […]

How to Install and Remove Polyurethane Tubing When Using Barbed Style Fittings

Installation Procedure: Video Tutorial Barb and Tubing Selection 1.)  Select the correct barb for the polyurethane tubing size you are using. Tubing is often specified by the outside diameter, however barbed style fittings seal along the inside diameter of the tubing. Therefore, make certain you know the inside diameter of the tubing. Match the inside […]

Fitting Selection Guide

Use the chart below to determine which style of fitting will work best for your application.  You can find our fitting selection at: Beswick Engineering Fittings               Pressure Rating Above 125 psig               Below 125 psig         NOTE: Pressure ratings are HIGHLY […]