Fitting Installation Guidelines

Below are the recommended installation torque values for various Beswick fitting sizes. Please note, these are general guidelines only and they assume that you are threading the fitting into a mating port of equal strength. If the fitting is being threaded into a weaker material, such as acrylic, you may have to reduce the installation torque accordingly.

Thread SizeBrass & AluminumStainless Steel
M3x0.54-6 lbf*in (0.45-0.68 N*m)4-6 lbf*in (0.45-0.68 N*m)
M4x0.54-6 lbf*in (0.45-0.68 N*m)4-6 lbf*in (0.45-0.68 N*m)
10-327-9 lbf*in (0.79-1.02 N*m)9-12 lbf*in (1.02-1.36 N*m)
M5x0.87-9 lbf*in (0.79-1.02 N*m)9-12 lbf*in (1.02-1.36 N*m)
M6x1.07-9 lbf*in (0.79-1.02 N*m)9-12 lbf*in (1.02-1.36 N*m)
1/4-287-9 lbf*in (0.79-1.02 N*m)9-12 lbf*in (1.02-1.36 N*m)
5/16-2415-17 lbf*in (1.69-1.92 N*m)20-22 lbf*in (2.26-2.49 N*m)
M8x1.2515-17 lbf*in (1.69-1.92 N*m)20-22 lbf*in (2.26-2.49 N*m)
Recommended installation torque for brass 10-32 and M5x0.8 threaded filter fittings (CF, FMH, and C5F series) is 5 lbf*in. Recommended installation torque for brass M3SP series orifice fittings is 2.5-3.0 lbf*in.

To guarantee leak-free installation of our fittings we have provided recommended port spec drawings below for our popular thread sizes.